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Located in the warm, dry Limpopo valley, Wynand started breeding by purchasing Madikwe Buffalo’s in 2003, now Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris boasts almost all scarce game species, colour variants as well as plains game. The farms are mainly along the banks of the Limpopo River which form part of the Botswana border where harsh conditions often test the survival of these animals.

Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris believes in unity between game breeding and hunting and offer tailored hunting packages to suit every hunters need, whether you’re interested in plains game or pursuing trophy game. They are known for their ethical hunting of outstanding trophies among international hunters. Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris have the necessary infrastructure, experience and staff to make your African hunting trip a tremendous event.

After your hunt, experience the serene surroundings of Dzombo Lodge which is nestled on the  Limpopo border which brings with it the most glorious untouched scenery and magnificent sunsets you will lay your eyes on.

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Dzombo Origin:

The word Dzombo is derived from the Tsonga word Dzombolo meaning ‘to wait for something that is slow in coming’. This is also the name of one of the Magnificent Seven bull elephants that once roamed the planes of the Kruger National Park. These bulls were known for their immaculate tusks which weighed more than 50kg each.