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Located in the warm, dry Limpopo valley, Wynand started breeding by purchasing Madikwe Buffalo’s in 2003. Realising the potential of this industry and the sustainability of his investment, he enlarged the herd in 2009 with additional buffalo bulls and cows from Madikwe, Shambala and ThabaTholo’s bloodlines. Recently Wynand has acquired a top breeding sable bull from Piet Warren Sable Park which will add to his already impressive breeding project.

Needless to say, today Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris boasts almost all scarce game species, colour variants as well as plains game. They are known for top breeding practices. Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris is unique as they have kudus with exceptional wide-spread horns as part of their selective breeding project.

Wynand spends a lot of time and energy to ensure all business practices are based on sound pillars of honesty, transparency and trust. Just as much time and effort go into breeding animals as into building their brand – Dzombo is a brand associated with superior bloodlines, outstanding animals and unsurpassed pre- and post-sale service to clients.

Long term relations are important to Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris and are evident in the multiple sales from existing clients.

Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris are proud of their progeny from the following breeding projects:

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