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Whether you’re interested in hunting plains game or pursuing dangerous game Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris will tailor custom hunting packages to suit your needs. Trophy hunting in South Africa is one of the most challenging endeavors a hunter can pursue. Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris have the necessary infrastructure, experience and staff to make your African hunting trip a tremendous event. Hunt on their property which consists of 4500 hectares of extraordinary African bush or arrange a concession through their team to one of our neighboring countries.

Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safari’s caters for:

Trophy Hunting          |          Biltong Hunters          |          Bow Hunters

All plains game are available for hunting and with prior arrangement other species of wildlife like buffalo, hippopotamus etc. with the exception of lions and elephants. If any hunters are interested in hunting animals that Dzombo Raching and Hunting Safaris don’t have the team can arrange a concession.

Four of the Big 5 animals can be viewed at Dzombo Ranching and Hunting Safaris namely leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino.

Experience thrilling wildlife encounters with Africa’s captivating and feared dangerous animals on your hunt with skilled Professional Hunters. You will be equipped with professional staff and equipment (vehicles etc.) to make hunting with them an unparalleled trip. Their skilled staff members can arrange all permits prior to your visit therefore arranging all paperwork before you arrive.

On site slaughter, butchering facilities and cold storage facilities are available as well as personnel who has the necessary skills to skin and cape your trophy. The highly skilled staff will make sure that your Trophy is adequately treated in order to preserve your experience for years to come.

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Here are some tips you should consider when you begin planning your hunting experience.

Because of the variety of game animals available in South Africa, the trophy hunter must narrow down the species he intends to hunt. All species are not common to a single geographical area. This decision may also have important consequences; the availability of quality outfitters, the infrastructure, as well as the climate and geographical features can vary greatly from one area to another. These differences alone can affect the logistics of your trophy hunt.

Choosing the “right” outfitter for your hunting safari can affect your trophy hunting experience. You should definitely check out their credentials and those of their Professional Hunters. Experience is usually the key. The PH leading your trophy hunting safari will greatly affect the success of your trip. Look for a PH who has experience in the area and the particular species which you wish to hunt.